The Unique Camp

"What would happen if you allowed ourself to truly 'dream big' again? Come rediscover the sense of childlike wonder you used to have an find out...." 

I learned of The Unique Camp a couple of years ago, and have wanted to be a part of it ever since- like, not only attend, but be a part of it. Brainchild of entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Sonja Rasula (also One of LA's Top 10 Most Inspiring Women), it has been written about in Forbes, Esquire, The New York Times, and a couple of personal favorites-Refinery 29 and KINFOLK. This year, I was given the opportunity to attend and photograph these four days of summer camp for adults. The welcoming ceremony included a "cell phone surrender".  Imagine it. Four days with no cell phone-no texting, no Instagram stories, no hiding from people while you steadily text or google or whatever it is we do to keep from making eye contact with other humans.  I worked with a team of 3 other amazing photographers, and my personal mandate was trying to capture all the photos the 200 campers would take if they had their phones to do so. I'll keep this to a photo story, but I just wanted to express gratitude for the 4 days phone-free in the woods, the new relationships forged, the Stillhouse whiskey and other sponsor gifts, and the opportunity to "cultivate ambition and map the possibilities."  And I'll end with this. Go ahead and try it!  Give someone you trust your approximate whereabouts for the weekend in case of emergency. Turn your cell phone off. Break out an old-school camera -I know you have one- or grab a disposable so you don't miss any critical moments. I'd love to know how it goes!