Santa Barbara Walking Tour

Had an amazing couple of days in Santa Barbara. Our visit was initially wedding related, but one stroll down State Street turned it into a design feast for the eyes. First stop was the Wolf's Head Barber Shop. Each chair seemed to have it's own unique story to tell. It's old-school Americana charm with the latest men's fashion trends had the husband drooling.  Just a few steps away was "India House" which is actually just a restaurant, but the rainbow of colors made me stop for a minute. Secretly, I wanted to chill on the floor and eat food with my hands like I imagine was in a scene from Eat, Pray, and Love. I almost hid in the showroom of Raoul's Textiles because I wanted to live there, and I was pretty sure they'd not be keen on it.  The rest of the pics are from galleries, antique/flea market type stores and the Santa Barbara Public Market.  Chew on the textures, door colors, the walls that strangely resemble pallets, or the carefully curated things on an outdoor deck, and maybe incorporate some of these elements into your own space.